Blog page disappears

I’m using RW8 and am trying to create a blog page using Stacks 4 with. Armadillo for the blog stack.
I created my database enter all the info and published. The navigation bar shows “blog”, but the moment I click on it, it disappears and a different page on the site shows up.

Any thoughts on what I can do to fix this?

Honestly, out of all the CMS blog options I tried during the years with RW, Total CMS by @joeworkman is the only one I would recommend. I feel comfortable suggesting it to other users for its great flexibility and reliability. Give it a try, it’s really worth the price!

Had to say what might be going on. What different page shows up?
Do you have a URL for folks to look at?
There’s a login stack that needs to be put on a page are you able to access that?

Armadillo works great, but can be a little finicky getting setup and going. Much easier then most people think. It looks as if @nimblehost is working on an update.

You might check out these videos @Mathew made awhile ago if you haven’t yet

Thanks for your response. The URL is
The other page that shows up is one of the other pages on the website. The Blog page disappears from the navigation bar and the other pages take over.

I’ll check out the videos. It’s been a while, but I have used and implemented Armadillo before. So I’m vaguely familiar, none the less, I take a look. Thank you.

I also tried Posters, and the same thing happened. So I believe that it could be a theme issue. I’m having them look into this as well. I’ll take a look at @joeworkman CMS blog, but I have to say that I’m not all that familiar with CMS.

I really recommend TCMS. It is so much more than a blog. You can use it for potentially anything.

Your blog page is in a folder named page-5. You originally published a regular (non-blog) page to that folder, which published a page named index.html into it. The blog requires PHP, so RW named the blog file index.php and not index.html and published it to that same folder.

RW does not delete any files from your web server, so you have both index.html and index.php files in the page-5 folder. Web servers by default will serve HTML files over PHP, unless told otherwise, when you have both index.html and index.php files in a folder.

You will need to delete the html version from the page-5 folder using an FTP app or a file manager in your web server control panel. Your blog will then appear.

You should also change the folder name of your blog page to something more descriptive than page-5.


Looks like Don @DLH got it.

Blog is here, just delete the index.html file.


Thank you all for your feedback! I did a lot of cleaning up and got it to work. Life savers!

The videos are very helpful. Thanks!