Armadillo blog. Headline image align issue

Hi folks.
I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction at all please.
I’d like to use Armadillo and display the most recent blog post as a headline on the homepage.
I’m struggling with getting it to display properly though. No matter what I do in the post itself the image in the headline always aligns left.

Is it supposed to do that, as an aesthetic thing?

I’ve tested it with a different theme so I don’t think it’s a Foundation issue. Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do as I’m sure the client will ask the question. scroll to the bottom.

Thanks peeps

Those H3 headers have all got this CSS attached to them

.text-left {

1. text-align: left !important;


If you simply change ‘left’ to ‘center’ then all the H3s on the page are centred which you probably don’t want! But for someone who knows, it’s probably a pretty straightforward change.


Thanks Rob.
I guess it’s an Armadillo thing, so that if you display multiple headlines it all looks tidy and uniformed.

But if you only want one single headline then a different stack might be in order. Shame, as non of my RSS stacks seem to work anymore.

I’ll figure something out if needs be.

Thanks again

Bah. I was looking at the wrong part of the page. Try this instead.

h2 {

text-align: center;

I’ll take a peek Rob
Thank you

I think that Armadillo just concatenates everything in the headline. I’ve noticed that paragraph returns disappear. I’ve been playing around using two headline stacks, which you could place in two columns. The idea was to put the image in one (say to the right) and the text in the other. This requires that the image is hidden in one and the text hidden in the other.

I managed to hide the image by creating a CSS class (hide-image) for the ‘text’ Headline stack and adding CSS to the page, there being a parameter to target [data-image] .


But I can’t work out how to hide the text in the ‘image’ Headline stack. If somebody can crack that it might offer a solution.

Cheers Bob, that’s a good idea.
Maybe I can play with the font size in CSS so that it’s hidden. Although that may not be ideal thinking about it as search engines get a bit suspicious of such small font sizes though as it looks as if you’re hiding something for seo manipulation.
I’ll keep fiddling and see what happens.

I played around a bit more today and managed to change the text to the background colour (black in my case}, which effectively hides it.

Again I created a CSS class for the stack (hide-text) and then some CSS to change the text colour.



Haven’t tried this in the two-stack arrangement but hopefully it should work.

Thanks Bob
It works brilliantly.
I’ve actually been able to create the same effect by setting the font size to zero em in the Armadillo headline stack, but I’m not sure which is the lesser of the 2 evils as far as search engines are concerned.

No expert on search engines although I would think that a colour change is less ‘suspicious’ than a zero em font. Glad it worked though.

@richardnicholls If you still need a hand wit this let me know.

Cheers Jonathan.
I’d love your advice, thank you.

If there’s a more appropriate way of pulling in sections from the blog headlines individually I’d love to play around with it.
Maybe a snippet to pull out just text or just images. Or maybe a way to extract the post summary so I can simply put a post header image in there?

Is anything like that possible at all?


Sorry for the delay, got a mountain of work shoveled onto me as soon as I posted my offer to help.

In stack settings for the Blog Headlines stack you can uncheck the “Include images” option (in the “Post Text Preview” section) to filter out images which are part of the post content, so that only text in the main post content area is retrieved. One thing to keep in mind (which you may have already discovered) is that all HTML formatting is removed from the post content when its being displayed by the Blog Headlines stack.

Right now it’s not possible to only retrieve and display images from the post, or to retrieve the post summary. It wouldn’t be too difficult to add such functionality in a later version, though I’d need to give some thought as to how useful it might actually be.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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