Armadillo blog and page scrolling

This is very annoying problem/feature.
If you klick article title, you need to scroll page down every time

Is there any solution to automatically center page in open article?

As I see it, this is not an Armadillo feature really, rather an element issue on a Stacks page. You have placed the blog navigation and blog headlines stacks in the content area above the Armadillo blog stack. I don’t know if there’s any script that would automatically scroll down on the page when you click the header link.

I have “solved” this by placing the blog navigation, archive, etc. in the sidebar on the right (or left or below). Then the article will always show first on the page. This is done easiest with the Teleporter stack. You could use a two columns layout, too, and place the Armadillo blog stack in the other column and the navigation stack et al. in the other column. I’d also suggest that you wouldn’t use the headlines stack the way you do, but instead make use of the blog summaries on the main page.

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Ditto what @ikemitsu has said. It is not really an Armadillo issue, but rather how you’ve chosen to design the page with various elements. You definitely want to take advantage of the summary/preview feature in the blogs: otherwise it will be very hard for folks to know where one blog post ends and the next begins due to the length of your posts and relatively smallness of headers.

Hi Thanks for reply!
I try to use two columns, but it now looks like this:
Not wery happy in this… Also I try sidebar and is not ok if you look site by mobile.

I want to use headlines in “blog” page… or is there any better way to do this?

Is there forum someone who use Armadillo blog and how you do it?

I remove columns and “headline” stack, maybe it is better now?