Armadillo Blog - moving to new host

Hello, please can someone help me get my Armadillo blog to work on a new server (new host). I’ve exported and imported the .sql file from the old server to the new one. Here’s the URL which shows the error message; Croftamie Community.

I’ve been advised to update the credentials directly on the new server but I’m at a loss on how to do this. Have sent a message to @nimblehost requesting an idiots guide.


The Armadillo db settings are stored in rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/core/config.php - you can either rename that file, or remove it, and that will prompt Armadillo to display online setup for you again, where you can re-enter the correct details. Going through online setup again will not erase the database, Armadillo will detect that content already exists and just update the connection details.

Hope this helps.


Many thanks Jonathan!
That took all of 30 seconds. Like most things, easy when you know how :slight_smile:

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