Armadillo failing after uploading new website? Please decipher message?

Have just replaced my personal website with a new version and new Theme etc. Using exactly the same number of pages and hierarchy etc. But my Armadillo blog isn’t loading? This is the message that is displayed below (Username X’d out).

Connection to the database failed: Access denied for user ‘XXXXXXXX’ (using password: YES)Connection to the database failed: Access denied for user ‘XXXXXXXX’ (using password: YES)Oops. Unable to set the database connection encoding: Connection to the database failed: Access denied for user ‘XXXXXXXX’ (using password: YES)Oops. Unable to set the database connection encoding: Oops. Unable to configure the database SQL mode.

There was a problem fetching a list of posts from the database:

Hi, the first line says it all, Armadillo can’t connect to the database. So that should be your first line of attack. Check the database settings are correct etc.

I’ve not used Armadillo in years, but I recall you sometimes had to log into the dashboard and set things up again in the browser, so try that too.


This post from @nimblehost, even though different might help.

Start with checking the database credentials like @TemplateRepo suggested, but even though you are on the same host you might try what Jonathan has suggested here if that checks out.


I’ve checked the info again and again. I’ve changed the password of my database to ensure that’s being entered correctly. No joy.

The blog was working yesterday before the upload. Things that may be of importance:

• Using RW Version 8.9.3 (20888). Have updated, but is this too old (it’s been a couple of years since I last used it)?

• Before I uploaded to replace the old website, I had uploaded the new website onto a different area of my server as a dry run test. Have since deleted all traces of this from the server. Could there be a conflict? Does there need to be a period of time before all traces have been wiped from the server?

• I’m using Ionos. The blog was originally configured to 1&1 (the old Ionos). It still is configured to 1&1 (was working yesterday). Armadillo haven’t included Ionos in their drop down menu for configuration.

• I’m using a VPN. Have tried turning it off but maybe a problem?


Wrong username / password ( as the error states )

Whenever you see this, it usually means that the database user specified does not have permission to access the database. This is completely separate from the username/password combination being correct - the user must also be assigned to and give permission to access and make changes to the database.

Most hosting companies handled this for you, but some do not, which means you’ll need to take whatever specific steps your hosting provider requires to get the user associated with the database.

Hope this helps.

Side note: my apologies for delays in responding, our second child was just born a few weeks ago and I haven’t had a chance to catch up on support.


Have spent ages with Ionos trying to sort this out - no luck - I actually think they fobbed me off… So I’m going to try and create a new database (hopefully I’ll be able to recover my data from the old database?). And reconfigure the Armadillo stack to this new database.

But upon creating the new database have been given the choice between: Maria DB 10 and MySQL 5.7 Which is best for Armadillo?

Have you checked the database settings, as suggested above?

Many times.

Good luck,

If it’s time for a new database because of permissions, it’s probably time to look into a new hosting company.

Might have a look at this

I don’t think it would matter. Maria is the open-source version of MySQL, MySQL was open-source then Oracle bought MySQL, the original creator didn’t like that and created Maria. They both should be compatible with each other.

MySQL was named after one of his daughters (My) and Maria was named after another daughter.

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You need to switch to Chillidog Hosting. I never have trouble getting help there. I use Armadillo and the above info is correct. Just add your DB user to the DB so that user can access the DB. This part is done on your server. Then inside RW Armadillo settings (on your Mac) you input the user credentials so that Armadillo stack can access the DB. Re-upload all pages from RW to your server and it should work fine.

I never have had a problem getting immediate excellent support with DreamHost. 24/7 support. No waiting for emails, and probably one of the best knowledge bases (yes written documentation) on hosting available if you prefer self-help over online chat or phone support.

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