Armadillo Blog - sidebar question

I’m using Nick Cate’s Writer theme and recently purchased Armadillo, which is working fine, except the sidebar is not actually posting to the side but is rather posting underneath the blog entries.

As far as settings go for the theme I have tried “hiding” the sidebar in the Theme setting and selecting right 250 px and neither seems to do me much good.

This is what the blog looks like:

Thanks for any insights

I put the Armadillo Blog Navigation within Joe Workman’s Houdini stack and adjust the settings to display it in the sidebar.


Or you can use 2 Columns as in this picture:

This option reduces the post wide size

That’s the ticket! But I’ve got a total noob question for you @peppermint - “How did you you change the stack size?” so that the one on the right takes up 66% of the page and the sidebar takes up 33% or whatever…

Very easy,

in Inspector pane

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@peppermint’s suggestion is very simple and good.

An alternative method is dependent on your theme. If it offers an extra content area for a sidebar then you can activate that. Use the free ExtraContentPlus stack and put the blog navigation inside the ExtraContentPlus stack. You’ll have to designate the specific EC number. Some themes come with zero, some with up to 20 or more extra content areas.

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It’s the simple things that make one feel so dumb!
Thanks for pointing that out! Now I know.


And I bought the Houdini stack…

That’s a great idea @Mathew.

I’m still trying to figure where all the EC goes. I’m a visual person and I wish (not asking you) that someone would post a graphic of where EC is on a web page.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to fool around with each of your suggestions and see what I like best.


As Mathew said, is dependent of the theme you are using.
Wich is…?

Nick Cates Writer

I also have Endeavor by Micheal David Designs.

I’m not sure you can use ExtraContents on Writer. I tested without success.
I have not Endeavor


@PAProf I know this is not the answer you want but if, and how, to activate extra content areas varies a lot from theme to theme. There’s not a standard way of implementing it.

If you are ever in the market for new themes you may want to check out Will Woodgate’s themes. There are all responsive, all have lots of extra content areas, and all have a lot of “goodness” packed into them. The themes may look simple to you but that’s because they are so flexible to use: much more than most other themes. (To get complete freedom you’d need to use themes that are non-themes like Foundation or Blueball Freestacks. These can be fantastic options but I don’t advise that route for a newcomer.) More on Will’s ThemeFlood, if interested, here:

Totally agree. In fact, several of my Armadillo’s sites are made with Wilderness theme from Will

@PAProf – I have one theme from Will Woodgate (Volcano) and that theme can show you where all Extra Content areas are positioned. This feature can be activated in Theme Styles. I don’t know about other themes, though.