Armadillo - CSS help needed

Afternoon (or morning) guys.

Had some incredible help from the community recently on this issue, so much so that I am now enrolling on some online CSS courses. Recently been working on a non-profit website to get more practice, but I have hit a wall. Wondering if anyone could lend an eye?

Optional Info: I had an issue with Armadillo and this website in a previous thread, after contacting @nimblehost I was advised that the Stack takes in the themes settings, but using the stacks CSS editor I could change things about. A few members offered amazing help, but after many many hours of struggle, I decided to use a different theme… to -some- success.


THE ISSUE: The new theme I have changed to is handling Armadillo far better, the blog looks great in the book but on the left hand side (and I have used limited margin or padding) the Tag Navigator is so pushed up and crushed, I wondered if there was any line of code I could use to release it? I hazard a guess there is a secret table there I can’t see or perhaps some invisible padding?

Once again I lay myself before your mercy (AKA you guys). Learning a lot and slowly getting better, but any help would be really appreciated. As ever, thanks in advance and take it easy. Leo.


#blog-archives,, #blog-categories, #blog-archives a, a, #blog-categories a {
           color: darkred; 

and {
    width: 90%;

Thank you so much, I am out of reach of my main computer right now, but I really look forward to seeing how this works.

@kryten This worked, perfectly. Thank you. I think I understood a little more this too, so in future I should have this covered if it comes up again. Really great help :slight_smile: