Armadillo settings questions

I have set up an Armadillo blog and so far so good.

However I’m having trouble making the following show up

Social Share Buttons

I have followed all the steps and saved in settings. But it seems that my settings do not save, eg the social sharing button code is always gone when I next go back to settings.

I seem to be missing a crucial step in adding settings!

@Figory You need to set things up in 2 places for tags and categories. You do set up in user settings when logged into Armadillo. However, you ALSO need to create a stack area using the Armadillo Blog Navigation stack inside RW. It’s a standalone stack so you can place this content at the top, bottom, sidebar area (or anywhere else). You’ll need to add this and you’ll be ready to go.

I don’t use the Social Share buttons myself so I don’t know the details there. Have you checked out the Armadillo manual/guide?

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You can take a look at:


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