Armadillo etc. How much control over the page layout?

I’m trying to select a blog stack and going through the options. My concern is if I go for Armadillo or something similar I won’t have enough control over the graphics, and my blog page won’t fit in with the general layout of my sites. I’m using Blank Theme 2.1 so that I can build my own layout.

Thanks for any advice or opinion,


I’m not sure what you are concerned about. Armadillo is very flexible, it largely inherits the font, etc. of the theme you are using. I’m not understanding what specific problems you are anticipating. Should work beautifully with the Blank Theme.

BTW, it’s very easy to add Custom CSS to the Armadillo blog page if so desired. I mainly use this CSS area for styling some sidebar components: Categories, etc.

ok that’s reassuring. It’s just the examples that I can find made me think that Armadillo is almost like a theme itself as well as a blog- those must have been actual themes it was being used in.



Andrew: Got it. Yes, I think you were drawn in by an optical illusion. :smile:
By default Armadillo uses the current theme’s settings for basic colors, font size, etc.

I believe Armadillo will be out soon (sometime in next 3 weeks is my guess) with multiple blog support. This may not be important to you, but it is another great feature to be added to this already wonderful product.

@Mathew, is right that Armadillo is extremely flexible.

I like that when I use it with Foundation i can actually take advantage of the Foundation Classes when designing my pages/post.

For instance I like to go in and add the flex-video class to embedded videos.