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I’m using Armadillo on a Foundation site and have a little problem with image resizing.
If I resize an image in Armadillo it applies styling that prevents it from being responsive. The height stays the same but the width shrinks with the window, squashing the image.
Would anyone know of a way of preventing this?

I am not able to double check this right now but I believe I have used the HTML editor in Armadillo to resize images to 100%. If you google search HTML to achieve what your wanting and apply it in the editor in the Armadillo page “edit window” you should be able to size it however you want.

Thanks that’s interesting.
Looking at the html editor Armadillo adds html sizing code and also css styling too. i.e width=“527” height=“351” style=“width: 527px; height: 351px;”
If I remove the css then the image resizes well. Which is fine for me but the client I’m building a site for would not cope well with having to play around with the html editor every time they upload an image.
Am I missing something, because I’m sure that’s not how Armadillo is designed?

Add this to page or global css…

.armadilloContent img{


height: auto!important;

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Without a URL it’s hard to say if this would help. If you are trying to make the image totally responsive you could try adding this CSS:

.blog-entry-body img {
    width: 100%!important;
    height: auto!important;

This should make the image full width and the height responsive.

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I had to teach a client how to use the html editor in Armadillo. It’s still better than most solutions.

I thought I’d tried this but I forgot the vital !important
Added it to the custom styles in the Armadillo settings and didn’t even need to re-upload the site.
Just the job!
Thanks for your help.

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