Armadillo 2.9.5 — Image Resize & Placement Gone?

Has anyone else who upgraded to Armadillo 2.9.5 experienced that the new rich text editor no longer allows image sizing and placement?

Hoping this is something Jonathon is fixing.

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@gnosismedia I’m looking into this, but keep in mind that Armadillo’s content editor is a licensed third party product (Redactor by Imperavi); my first thought based upon what you’re describing is that the image plugin for Redactor has changed in the version now included with v2.9.5, and may potentially no longer support that functionality.

@nimblehost I too am noticing missing functions in the new rich content editor. E.g., it is missing the test alignment function and the right and left indent goes inactive when selecting text. Also certain functions like the horizontal divider and indent are present in the dashboard editor but not on the solo content section of the website page.

Thanks for responding. I had to revert back to the last version 2.9.4. Clients demand photo resizing and placement tools and text centering tools. Those are pretty basic must-haves. Hope you get some clarity on this and can restore that functionality in your software, otherwise many of us will have to migrate clients off Armadillo to another CMS. Yikes!

On the Imperavi site there’s an example for resizing and positioning an image with associated code. I don’t know, however, how to implement it, or whether it’s even possible to do so within Armadillo. If not it seems to be a strange omission.

It appears that the indent/outdent functionality (in the latest version of Redactor, at least) is specific to lists and not regular text. I can see what you describe when selecting standard text, but the buttons are enabled when I create a nested list of items (both ordered and unordered).

Thanks, this helped. Imperavi apparently changed the API for the image plugin, and the resizable and position settings now have to be purposefully turned on in the latest version.

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@bwdorsey @gnosismedia See v2.9.6 which I just released, you’ll see these issues fixed.


It’s still not possible to grab a photo from the bottom right hand side and resize it.

It works for me. The image is shown in a blue border with a small square on the bottom right corner that acts as a resizing handle. As before it’s best to republish all files after updating and clear the browser cache. I also closed and relaunched Safari.

It would help to have more details. Are you using the online dashboard to edit content, or the live page editor for Solo Content? Which theme are you using? As @Kilburnlad mentions, the functionality is there and working in both locations, though it’s certainly possible you’re experiencing a theme specific conflict of some sort if you’re using the live page editor for Solo Content.

Solo content in the popup editor has no image sizing controls.

I had previously only checked a blog page but have now checked a solo content page and the sizing handle is there.

However, at first I had a problem in Safari, in that neither the image nor the toolbar were displaying, only HTML code. I checked in Firefox and everything was showing.

In Safari I had originally only cleared the cache for the site but clearing all caches (Develop/Empty Caches) resolved the problem.

My photo resizing tool only appears in the backend of Armadillo and not the on-page popup editors in all browers even after multiple uploads of all files and lobotomizing my browers completely.

I see what you mean @gnosismedia. I had been testing using the Armadillo backend. In my case on the webpage the images are effectively pre-sized (or constrained if you like) by design, so I didn’t flag this as an issue.

Interestingly, after I opened one image the blue sizing handle (which wasn’t visible in the edit) was left orphaned on the page after I exited the edit, which suggests this might be a layout thing causing the handle not to show if the image size is larger than the editing window - as is the case with all my images. Just a thought. Strange happenings.

Just checking back to see if you plan to get the photo resizing tool working on the popup editor?

Yes, thanks for your patience. I’m a one man shop, with a full time job apart from working on RW stuff, so turnaround times for updates will depend on my primary work schedule.


Coolio. No hurries. Just needed to report back to clients. Thank you!


Fixed in v2.9.7 which is now live and ready for downloading.