Armadillo Latest Version Compatibility

Is anyone using Armadillo with Foundation 6 - is it compatible? It doesn’t mention it specifically on the latest release notes.

Armadillo is built on Stacks, and Foundation 6 is built on Stacks. I think it is more about compatibility with the Stacks version you use than compatibility with Foundation itself. Not much of a help :grinning:

Thanks Eric, yeah I kinda wondered that but Joe has mentioned that F1 stacks are not compatible with F6 so I wondered if that were the case with third-party stacks. I guess Joe would prefer me to use total CMS but I want to update some of my current sites that use Armadillo.

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I haven’t tried Armadillo with Foundation 6, but my best guess would be it should work.

I know Armadillo works fine with F1. Armadillo was designed to be a replacement for the built in blog plugin so you’ll probably need to style it yourself as all the “frameworks” are made for stacks pages and don’t do much to style the blog pages.

F1 and F6 rely on JavaScript and CSS being inside the theme, that’s why you can’t use the two on the same page.

Most 3rd party stacks should be compatible with all the frameworks. You can’t mix frameworks though.

Thanks Teefers I’m going to just give it a try. I’ve used some third-party stacks with F6 (Lister, Parallax) and all seems fine so far so hopefully it’ll be OK.

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