Problems with Armadillo

I have two websites on the same host, both using (or trying to use) Armadillo solo content.

One that’s working fine is using Freestack responsive at and everything is as it should be.

The other one is using Foundation at It’s been set up identically, but I can’t get past the login page (and I’ve checked the password user several times).

Is there a conflict between Foundation and Armadillo? Or dies anyone have any suggestion about what might be going wrong? I’ve sent a support request to Jonathan @nimblehost, but I know this is no longer a full time thing for him, so thought I’d ask here.

I have a few Foundation/Armadillo sites; they’re all working as they should.

There is no conflict between Armadillo and Foundation.

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Don’t suppose you’ve any idea what might be causing the issue :frowning:

It works on one site, but not the other and I’ve no idea why.

The only thing I can see that’s different is the version numbers. The one that works is using 2.9.0, the one that’s giving you problems is using 2.9.1.

I know there was an update recently and I updated the stacks, but I haven’t published any Armadillo sites since the update.

I’m wondering if the update might be the cause?

Thanks for your reply mate. Is there a way to easily roll back versions of a stack?

Hi Barrie, I’ve just discovered a bug introduced in v2.9.1 which is likely the cause of the issue you encountered. I’ll be working on a fix tonight, and my goal is to have v2.9.2 released by tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience.

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I’ve just released v2.9.2 which fixes this issue and improves accuracy for the messages displayed on the login screen.

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