Cant get started with Armadillo

I have decided to make use of Armadillo, i have had it in my Library for several years but have never used it until now.

I saw a video by Johnathan Head, which made it look like a piece of cake, but i cant find the Video now i need it, i have created a Database and put the details into the Armadillo Stack, have published it @ with chillidog hosting.
but absolutely nothing is seen, i am supposed to be seeing a button to continue Set Up.

Is there an easy way to check that the Database is configured properly ?


If you search youtube you’ll find a couple of videos. Not exactly sure where you are in set up and I can’t tell from your page what is supposed to be there.
What does your stack set up look like?

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Hi Lisa, thanks for the link to the Video, i had watched it before, but i watched it again and immediately realised my mistake !

I had entered the Database details into the Stacks Page inspector BEFORE I HAD PUBLISHED !!!

However it made no difference, after publishing, i didnt get a page, similar to that shown on the video, where i enter the Database details on my live page ???

So i am still stuck !!


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Can you screenshot your RW page and settings?
Do you have all of these on your stacks page?

There are a lot of things to check but again, can’t tell where you are from the link.

@LSPhoto Hi Lisa, sorry i am slow getting back in touch, but that annual event called Christmas and my Birthday has got in the way of my Weaving.

However i do believe i have seen one reason for my self inflicted problem, the Armadillo video i have been trying to follow is for version 1, it looks as if the set up procedure is completely different.
version 1 requires the database details put into an online form,
version 2 tells me to insert the database details into the Stacks page inspector !.

the only armadillo stack i have on my site page is the main stack, but i can see that @LSPhoto
has several Armadillo stacks on her page, the video tells me nothing about adding any other armadillo stacks !

I seem to have got the wrong end of the stick somewhere :frowning:


Have you looked at the Armadillo site for support?
It’s been a few months since I set mine up, but I did follow his instructions…

Thank You Lisa, that is definitely something i should have done in the first place, Christmas and my Birthday is certainly to blame LOL, i was trying to do too much too quickly.


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As someone who is not a programmer, I have to read things over and over again, try, redo, do things wrong first, then finally get it right. It does take patience and time :slight_smile:
Happy Holidays and birthday :slight_smile:

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Thank you Lisa, you are so kind :relieved:
it was the big 70 today :


You might want to get Jonathan aka @nimblehost in the thread. He usually gets things sorted in no time…

Thanks @jsc I do believe i already sent off a support ticket before the holidays, so i guess even the Boss as well as the workers get a few days off LOL.

But when i get a few spare minutes i shall definitely try the support pages


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