Armadillo questions

(Mark Sealey) #21

bitbumpy, WDA,

The ever-helpful Karn at Nimblehost actually told me that there is more to do.

On moving an Armadillo page across (in my case up one) directories, you need manually to move two other objects from original/old to final/new location:

the rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/core/config.php file
the rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/media/ directory

I haven’t done that yet :slight_smile: .

(Christopher Watson) #22

Surly these files would already be there if it is the same server?

(Mark Sealey) #23

They would be there - but in a different location. Perhaps I haven’t explained what I am doing; and/or my circumstance is not typical:

I have been developing in a subdirectory (which is - Yes - on the same server); let’s say:

and now I need, effectively, to change RW’s docket from that to simply:

so everything (at least in my case) must move UP one level!

(Christopher Watson) #24

Ahh… i see. So essentially a sub-domain. The rw_common is created at so you would have to move those media files to

Good that you got it sorted.

(Mark Sealey) #25

Thanks :smile:

Not sure I’d call it a subdomain. Although while in development (now!) the RW project in question ‘thinks’ that the top level is ‘/development’.

So, Yes, I have to move A’s resources to the new and permanent top level.

(Wondrous) #26


It seems a little understood. Just do not understand how to do localization date and how to translate some words.

Can anyone tell, please, how to add a Back button after each blog post after reading?