Armadillo log ins

Anyone got any nice examples of how they allow clients to log into their Armadillo blogs?

Just be interested to see how you’re handling it.


Armadillo has a built-in user management system. When you log into the admin panel, you have the option to add additional users and assign roles to them, i.e. permissions what they are allowed to edit/change. Just give these user name(s) and password(s) to your clients.

I have a page with just the login stack, and a no follow for crawlers. The page is easy to remember for everyone, but not seen on the client side.

Thanks, I get the whole Admin panel thing, I’m more interested in whereabouts on the site you put the ‘Login’ link, whether you use that or put a link to the admin page under a button or an icon, in the footer, sidebar etc.


So is that just an empty page with ‘Login’ in the middle or something?

Yup. Because it’s not meant to be seen by anybody except those who just want to login, I didn’t make it flashy or anything.

Ditto to what @SavinDave was saying. I just create a page with a nice button. Easy to remember for your relevant folks. Plain. No text. No frills. Folks know what to do.

I create course websites. In those cases the only people who “enter” have to pass through via Sitelok. In those cases I just include a login button on the relevant page(s) since nobody outside the group is going to see it anyways. So, for example, on a group blog page I may put it in the sidebar area.

Not armadillo, but I usually put the font awesome key symbol in the footer linked to a login page.

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I usually create an empty page in a folder called admin with a PHP redirect to /rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/ . So everybody who wants to log in just has to enter and is directly presented the Armadillo login screen.

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Hi Rob,
I have my ‘admin’ text link at the foot of the page, just below the last post. It is just slightly darker than the page background, so it doesn’t immediately jump out to hackers.


Cheers chaps. All good ideas.