Armadillo - Login Link and how to get navigation - SOLVED

I have set up Armadillo and was able to make the connection to the database and get into the Settings Area of the Dashboard
Have set up everything and linked the stack with the Blog ID and yes we can post stuff

Q1: Although I have set Show Admin/Login Link to Show this link is not displayed on the website itself.
(yes I know I can access the dashboard via another way but would love to have it like it should work, via a link on the website itself?

Q2: still figuring out how to install the navigation (like categories,tags, months etc). I tried the snippets (but where to put them?), I tried the stacks but nothing happens… so I am a bit lost there. Obviously I am doing something wrong, and need your help.



Providing a URL would help.

Did you put the Login stack on the same page as the blog (or similar page)? Or did you put on a standalone page?

Did you use the Armadillo Blog Navigation stack on the relevant page?

There are some things you need to activate within Armadillo settings. But then you also need to use Armadillo stacks to set the exact location of those elements. For example, I almost never have the login link be on the same page as the blog. Others always want the login link to be on the same page as the blog. So the dedicated Armadillo stacks allow you to have the kind of flexibility that folks wanted.

Hi Mathew,

Your first sentence was spot on: Did you put the Login Stack on the page ??

I did not know there was even a Stack for that…
Mainly because this is not really well readable when you look to the stacks itself. Due to the fact that the word Armadillo takes up all lot of space, I only see the text Armadillo-Lo or Armadillo Bl.
So,… yep… I knew it was an easy solution and I was doing something wrong.

So thanks a lot !

Merry Christmas!

Glad it all got sorted out well enough. Yes, I know what you mean about being hard to read the various stack names when long. I typically choose to setup my Stacks library so I can easily read the names of all the stacks. See screenshot below.

oooh… thanks for that EXTRA tip. Also was unaware that you could chang
e this. Immediately changed my settings and now viewing much much better on my small laptop screen ;). Thanks a LOT, Matthew!