Armadillo questions

If I use the Dashboard Link’Visit Site’ then Armadillo alway returned to the Homepage and not to Page with the Login Link. Is there a way to change that? It’s boring to go every time through the menu to return to the blog site.

Armadillo allow to upload and handle Media Files, but how can I show this ‘pictures’ at my site?

I think that might be because with the latest version of Armadillo there may be multiple pages with Armadillo content on. Which should it go to?

yes I know. The best option would be go back to the page where the login link was used. Maybe there is a option inside the Dashboard to set a target site that I not find…

I’m new to armadillo but I right click to log on and open in new tab, log on make my changes then go to the tab the content is and refresh. That way if I have solo content, I can just switch tabs, make changes and switch tabs and refresh.

I wouldn’t want to have a logon on a public page anyway (just bookmark the logon page)

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On a related topic, has anyone developed a page or pages in Armadillo 2 in one location, then moved the page(s) to a different one (same site/server; dev. directory)?

Everything should still work, shouldn’t it?


Because the setup files are in the rw_common folder, it doesn’t matter where the Armadillo setup stack is placed. (although, you will see the default content - blog or page - on which ever page you put the setup stack)

There is now a Blog stack that you can select the blog ID and have it display on any page you like.

Thanks, bitbumpy - but two clarifications if I may: I’m not using the A. blog; and I shall be moving pages within the same directory structure… say from to

Will all A’s (internally-maintained) links (etc) still function without additional work from me?

The content or pages shouldn’t be an issue, not sure about the links… Depends on what they are linking to i guess…
Although, so long as they have the correct path to begin with, they should link ok.

What “pages” are you using?

Be sure to backup your database…


Thanks. You’d think it’d all be OK, wouldn’t you?

So far I have the main A stack and half a dozen Solo Content stacks on my development home page, which is shortly to move up exactly one level - all A etc in tact - to docroot top level.

Its just referencing the database. So you should be able to put it anywhere…
I have a few sites with solo content stacks on different pages but they are the same content ID. works fine… I think that is the whole idea…

First thanks to everyone. I use Armadillo as a Momber Forum. Members have to Login to a closed section of this Site. At the moment I have only two blogs running, but next year I need to add some new. The Site is in Beta Status at the moment and the Beta Tester ask me about that issue. I anyone write a Blog, he don’t return to to Blog page. If he use the ‘Visit Page’ Link he returned to the Welcome landing Page, need to login again to the Members Only area and then he need to navigate to Blog Site to see how it looks what he has written before. I hope that there is a way, return to the login site or at least to a specific page inside the Member area.

What about the Media Files? Any Idea how to display those Pictures?

For the blog link, i have asked @nimblehost this as a feature request. I suspect they will try and organise something in the coming releases…

To display media file images in the blog, select the “insert image” icon and select the “choose” tab, then select the image you want.

Of course, I know how to use Media Files (Pictures) inside Armadillo. The only way to have access to this pictures is to copy the path and use warehoused images to display. But in this case there is one more problem. Armadillo stores all Files inside only one folder, using the originale filename. If I have a blog site with 20 members and each member use 10 Pictures per week inside a block or by uploading Files, then this folder contains 800 Pictures after the first month.
I don’t see any kind of sorting or tags. At least 3 Month later, nobly will find a picture in the Media area…

This is a requested feature also.
Folders or tags to sort media.

I hope they will use all of them.
In my eyes a good folder structure would be: media files > blog > user > file. I would store original filename inside the Armadillo Database and rename the filename to: blog_user_tag_number
Armadillo is a great Stack to create amazing Blog Sites. At the moment, I think Arnadillo is the best Blog Stack available for RW…

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Just open an extra tab or window with the Login screen. Blog page on one tab and the login screen on the other.

Thank, that sounds good, but the Armadillo Login Stack don’t support to open Armadillo in a new Tab. Login with a manual Link that open Armadillo in a new Tab works, but then you have to close the Tab to leave Armadillo. If you use the ‘Visit Site’ Link you will return to the Home/Welcome Page. It’s a little bit easier to close a Tab as to navigate to the Blog Site again, but it don’t solve the problem…

Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I meant to open a new tab in your browser. This does work and you don’t have to leave Armadillo to see the results of any changes. Just save the changes in one browser tab and then view the blog in another tab, in Safari for example.


It does seem unlikely that such a system wouldn’t be able to cope with being moved. But I’d like to make sure :slight_smile:

thats what I did. With a manual link I did open Armadillo in a new Browser Tab.