Armadillo strange behavoir: back to login screen

I am having a an issue setting up Armadillo. It is a vanilla installation, and I successfully created the database and can use the credentials at the login screen of Armadillo. But when I click any function I am back at the login prompt again. So I can successfully logon, and I see the portal, but clicking on any link pushes me back to the login screen again. Yeah, that is twice but just to be sure ;)…

I am puzzled, anyone who can help me solving it? I have created a support ticket at Nimblehost but maybe I am overseeing something simple.

Thanks in advance, Eric

A URL might be helpful.

When you say any function, what exactly are you saying? The login if I remember is a specific stack. What other Armadillo stacks are you using?

On the homepage of the CMS you can creatie pages, blogs, upload media, etc and you get the page after you successfully log in. I succes in logging in, I reach that page. But no matter what I cllick there, I am thrown back to the login page :frowning:

There are no stacks involved, you can reach the login page by a clean URL:

I use Armadillo and I have never had this happen to me. It is probably something server side that isn’t right such as PHP version. I would love to find out what is causing this. Make sure to let us know what support says!

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@nimblehost, can you help? My work has stalled and I am not sure my support ticket had reached you in proper order. Thanks.

Sounds to me the authentication mechanism (maybe setting a cookie) doesn’t work. Which PHP Version are you using?

I am on 5.6.39, which is old but in range of the stack’s supported versions. However, I contacted the hoster to upgrade me as I am not able to select a different version so working on this… thanks for the heads up.

SOLVED. Site is migrated to a different server, local PHP-configuration was not working properly.


Sorry for the delay responding. My wife recently gave birth and we’re still adjusting to life with a newborn.


Congratulations :tada:

Congratulations! No harm done, there are more important things in life :+1:t2:

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