Armadillo strange behavoir: back to login screen

(EricW) #1

I am having a an issue setting up Armadillo. It is a vanilla installation, and I successfully created the database and can use the credentials at the login screen of Armadillo. But when I click any function I am back at the login prompt again. So I can successfully logon, and I see the portal, but clicking on any link pushes me back to the login screen again. Yeah, that is twice but just to be sure ;)…

I am puzzled, anyone who can help me solving it? I have created a support ticket at Nimblehost but maybe I am overseeing something simple.

Thanks in advance, Eric

(Doug Bennett) #2

A URL might be helpful.

When you say any function, what exactly are you saying? The login if I remember is a specific stack. What other Armadillo stacks are you using?

(EricW) #3

On the homepage of the CMS you can creatie pages, blogs, upload media, etc and you get the page after you successfully log in. I succes in logging in, I reach that page. But no matter what I cllick there, I am thrown back to the login page :frowning:

There are no stacks involved, you can reach the login page by a clean URL:

(Parker Ragain) #4

I use Armadillo and I have never had this happen to me. It is probably something server side that isn’t right such as PHP version. I would love to find out what is causing this. Make sure to let us know what support says!

(EricW) #5

@nimblehost, can you help? My work has stalled and I am not sure my support ticket had reached you in proper order. Thanks.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #6

Sounds to me the authentication mechanism (maybe setting a cookie) doesn’t work. Which PHP Version are you using?

(EricW) #7

I am on 5.6.39, which is old but in range of the stack’s supported versions. However, I contacted the hoster to upgrade me as I am not able to select a different version so working on this… thanks for the heads up.

(EricW) #8

SOLVED. Site is migrated to a different server, local PHP-configuration was not working properly.

(Jonathan Head) #9

Sorry for the delay responding. My wife recently gave birth and we’re still adjusting to life with a newborn.

(Jan Fuellemann) #10

Congratulations :tada:

(EricW) #11

Congratulations! No harm done, there are more important things in life :+1:t2:

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