Armadillo/Rapidweaver 8 issue

I use Armadillo to publish a weekly newsletter. However, since updating to Rapidweaver 8 two days ago, I have noticed that RSS feeds no longer show the subject matter of the individual post, but merely the generic title of the post. It is important that the title of the individual news items are shown and I am unsure if this is an Armadillo or Rapidweaver issue. Can anyone help please? Many thanks

Most probably, the issue is in between.

Do you have the social tags / meta data activated for the RW8 project?

Hi! Many thanks for this. I have never heard of this suggestion, since all previously worked perfectly in Rapidweaver 7. How do I make changes these changes on Rapidweaver 8 please?
Thank you for responding

You might have to turn these social tags off so that Armadillo meta tags work again.


Hi again! It works! Many thanks for this. I have been trying to unravel this issue for most of the day. I appreciate your time and your advice.

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