Having Many Issues with RapidWeaver

Hi there,

We just updated our Rapid Weaver to 7, as well as updating our theme. Since then we have been having many issues with our website. On IE it is not displaying properly, as well as our drop down menu getting cut off on any Internet format. On top of all of this I am trying to create a main menu for each dropdown option and it will not let me do that either.

Any help would be appreciated.


If you can provide a URL of your website, it will help us to help you.




I am trying to create a menu for Bedroom, Dinning, etc.

OK, the Gallery drop down menu looks fine in Chrome, Firefox and Edge under Windows.

Which version of IE is causing problems? I don’t have a copy here any more, I’m afraid. It’s always possible that the updated version of the theme has dropped support for older versions of IE but you’d need to check with the author, Nick Cates.

As far as not being able to create drop downs for Bedroom, Dining etc what happens when you create the page (for example Dining chairs) and then drag it ‘on top’ of Dining in the page organiser in the left hand column in Rapidweaver? That’s how you create sub-pages - and thus items in a drop down menu.


For the drop down menu to see what I mean, go to Bedroom - Algonquin then try and click on Entertainment. The bottom of the menu gets cut off. For IE it is all the versions as far as we know. I am not trying to create drop downs, I am trying to make it so instead of clicking bedroom then dropping down to the options it just goes to a page with all the names/pictures. I want to do this for all the main categories.


The reason that menu is being cut off is because there’s not enough content on the page - the drop down is too long for the amount of content you have so it gets to the bottom and then stops.

You could solve that by moving your content down the page a bit until all the menu displays.

I can take a look at the other thing when I’ve had my tea. :sunglasses:

Okay that makes sense thanks!

Sounds like a plan, enjoy your tea!

It sounds like you want what’s called ‘split navigation’ - so you go to a main page (Bedroom) and then all the various pages/topics related to that menu item are available to be clicked.

If that’s the case I’d recommend you look at an in-page navigation stack - maybe something like Hunter 3 or perhaps Ivy2.

There are loads of different ways to introduce in-page navigation - here are some more ideas.

Hope I’ve understood and that this helps.


Okay perfect thanks! Now I am having an issue though. When I try and link the image it says there is a “Lightbox effect” and will not link the page. Any recommendations for this?

What are you using to place the image on the page?