Artful Theme - getting columns to work

Hey folks.
I know I’m missing something simple here but the Artful Theme has two columns, one for the photo, the other for the text.

How to I tell it to put the photo or text into the appropriate left / right column? In using the styled text formatting setting it to left or right only moves it within the column, not to the other column by it side…

I’m using RW 8 and a with styled text page.

Thanks for your help.

Welcome to the forum.

If I understand what you’re saying, the theme probably is using the sidebar area for column effects.

I’m not at a Mac right now so I can’t check the theme for you, but the easiest way to see would be to place something into the sidebar. It can be opened in one of the inspector windows on the right side of the screen.

Thanks Doug, in the examples for RW8 on Youtube they show a brief scene where the images alternate on the left and right with content opposite. This two column layout is great, just can’t figure out how to trigger it in the layout…

I think Doug is right…without stacks you are limited to styled text and a sidebar.

When I use Stacks I can create multiple columns but only within the main content section, not the sidebar

Can you turn off the sidebar in site styles?

Hmmm I can adjust the the sidebar and main content window sizes … that might be one solution Doug. I could set the sidebar to 1 column and the main content window to 12 and use stacks to implement the two column view.

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