As Info - OSX "Compress/Expand" of Rapidweaver Project files fails

Before I drop RW project files into Dropbox I use the Finder “Compress” Archive Utility (File menu “Compress”) to zip them. I have a folder of 11 RW projects and I simply compress the folder.

Lately, due to corrupted style files, I had to go to a backup. When I dbl clicked the zip file and Archive Utility ran it FAILED. I tried a couple other zipped files, they too failed.

“The Unarchiver” app expanded them as expected.

is this always on the same machine? same OS?

the obvious challenges of moving from Intel-based Macs to Apple-Silicon based Macs would be an obvious thing to consider – but i would guess that you would have mentioned that.

so, at that point you really have to start to look at Dropbox as the culprit.

i’m afraid that i’ve given up on Dropbox myself. after about a decade of working flawlessly on much slower hardware Dropbox now consumes upwards of 20% of my CPU when enabled, even on the best hardware. and so many failures that i can’t begin to count – almost always on larger files.

Same machine. An older iMac with Mojave.

I use Dropbox with RW ONLY to keep my MacBook Pro synced for when I need to travel. (including Addons folder)

I’m thinking maybe I’ll just copy files on to a thumb drive every night. I use CCC for daily/timed backups.

(I’ve had no other instance for any other expansions failing - only the RW - maybe too many files? 11 large projects would contain a lot of files.)

And has nothing to do with dropbox. I can compress my production files and expand them right away and they fail without every being on dropbox.

I used to have the same problem with unzipping Windows 7 ISO files to install Windows on a VirtualBox on a Mac.

I believe that the in the un-archive utility that comes standard with MacOS is older, predates the zip64 standard.

The Microsoft Virtual Machines site now has a warning

Mac users will need to use a tool that supports zip64, like The Unarchiver, to unzip the files.

Don’t know the zip file size limit for the built in utility, but there is one.

Interesting. I brought this up just in case someone is depending on zipped files only for their backup or to transport, or - to sync two machines. I have successfully unzipped compressed RW files before on my MBP (from dropbox) so something has changed. Perhaps it’s size or number of files. Perhaps the moon in the wrong phase. Who knows.

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