Working on multiple Macs?

Hi everyone,

till now i saved my projects in Dropbox but i would like to change to iCloud.

Problem: in Dropbox and in iCloud there are always files missing when i create a site on my iMac and try to open the project on my macbook. All the pictures are lost??

Last years it was no problem but now i don’t know what to do. Seem to be a basic question.

I like to save all my resources in my project so that i can copy it to any device and work with it 1:1.

Thanks for answering, it’s my first post :wink:

Best regards

What version of RapidWeaver are you using?

In the latest release of RW8 there’s a Site Resources option under advanced project settings:

In earlier releases the option was a button that toggled called something likemake portable or Unpack Portable Document depending on how the option was set.

Oh wow - this is the answer! Thank you so much!!

I’m using always the newest version!!

I try this and be sure, it will save my problems!

Best regards
Juergen Baetzen

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