Can't unzip my RW website

I unzipped my RW file, made some changes to my website, and zipped up my RW file as usual. A few hours later, I wanted to make another change but could not unzip my RW file on my mac. I have no trouble unzipping other RW files I have. Something happened to this particular RW file. I asked my hosting service for support thinking I could recover my RW file from them, but they could not help. They said I should contact RW. This is the message I got from my mac: Unable to expand “” into “Desktop” (Error 1 Operation not permitted.)

If you are talking about compressing the project file? Not sure why you are zipping and unzipping the project file all the time. Are you that short on HDD space? Anyway if you did in fact “zip” the project file and now can’t unzip it, not sure what anyone here can do to help. RapidWeaver doesn’t “zip” or unzip" files for you. Hopefully, you have a backup (like TimeMachine) and can get another copy.

Isn’t it possible to recover my RW from my website?

If you are running RW7+ and have the option turned on in the publishing settings to backup the project than you can recover as well.

I have seen this before with a customer project, which was in a zipped archive.

Try to use another unzipper, like or

Was this zip file in a Dropbox or iCloud folder?

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Dear Doug and Jannis,
the unarchiver worked! I got my RW file back. Thanks alot. I was not zipping my websites to save space but to protect them. I thought a zipped file was safer than an unzipped file. No more zipping for me.

Was the RW file at the time of the compress process inside Dropbox or iCloud?

Glad you got it sorted.

Definitely, start Backing up. With USB drives dirt cheap, and TimeMachine built into macOS there’s no time like now to get it started.

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