Issues with stacks rw8 after reinstalling

Hi. Hope someone can help. I sent my computer in for some display issues and they wiped it. Upon reinstalling everything my website was restored but there’s an issue I can’t figure out. I’m missing a stack apparently and I can’t figure out which stack. I reinstalled all the plugins I had, so am confused as to what’s missing.

I’ve already installed stacks which is what I thought the issue was but no luck. Any advice is greatly appreciated

Hard to tell just by looking at a screenshot, but I reckon it has something to do with your site’s menu.

Which menu stack did you use?

Is the site in question currently online? You could have a look at the site’s source to see if there’s any copyright information from the missing stack’s creator inserted as a comment.

If you post a screenshot of the live site, maybe we can figure out which stack it is.


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