Aspen Theme only working in Safari

I have been testing my recent purchase this evening,of the Aspen Theme. The video banner is neat, at least it is if you use the Safari browser. The video banner doesn’t work in my chrome, firefox browser or on my Samsung phone.

Any ideas? Workarounds?
Or is this just a flaw in the theme?
Thanks in advance !

The Aspen Theme, including the video banner works fine here for all* web browsers.

I bought my copy of the Aspen theme directly from Nick Cates - when he was still doing Rapidweaver development.

Here is a prototype of a site that I built in 2019 B.C (Before Covid)

I went full tilt – even including Yabadab’s Wordpress Blog Stack (Blog Menu).

Take a look at the test site at this link – it may not stay up too long on here. Just showing that the theme works.


Very nice site Kris … I guess I have a few bugs to work out!
But I REALLY like the theme …

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John, yes indeed… Aspen is one of the best all-time Rapidweaver themes.

Please let me know if I can be of any help further in spotting your problem.

My email contact is in my profile. Feel free to reach out.

Thanks again Kris. After seeing your functioning site and being convinced that the theme will work, I worked on it into the wee hours of the morning and finally got a test banner working.

I grew up in Greenwich Village. A slumlord got us out 4 years ago when he bought the building and jacked the rent up 9x while slowly tearing the building down around us. Loved how you integrated the restaurant video … great editing/footage … and turned going to Pomona into an event (yea, too bad they’re closed). Is there any other designer delving into the world of motion themes on this level?

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John…thanks for the plug and accolades.


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