Assigning colour to swatches

In Stacks 3, there is a new function called ‘Swatches’ that I am having a small problem with and need help please.
In the Foundation Site Syles I want to assign a different colour to the swatches (they are currently set to black & White)
Can sombody please provide a step by step on just how I can do this?
Ronnie West.

The Swatch colors are set in the stack settings, I presume you have been trying to click on the colors in the stack on your page which are merely indicators so that you can see what you have set.

Just click on one of the color wells in the settings and the OSX color picker will appear - just as you would set any other color in a stack setting. (click the screenshot below to enlarge it so that you can see the swatch settings)

(BTW - swatches are purely a foundation feature and nothing to do with Stacks 3)

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Thanks Tav,
You explained it very well and the screenshots were perfect.
I now understand how to edit these swatches.
Ronnie West.

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