Colour scheme or Colour palette (swatch) add-on

Anyone know of an Add-on to assist with making colour schemes and palettes from within RW, please?


I don’t know of a way to create a pallete in RW but the new version of foundation that requires Stacks 3 has the ability to store one and apply to elements on the page.
Essentially you can specify 6 pairs or colours (foreground/ background etc) and then in stacks like header or paragraph pick one of these pairs. If later on in the sites development you choose to change the colour then it will change wherever you’ve set it throughout the site.

For coming up with a pallete in the first place I use one of these sites:

That’s very helpful, Paul - thanks!

I can not remember who makes it, it might be @defligra, but there is a color saver plugin. Again not exactly sure who makes it.

Yes zeebe, is ColorStore (free) stack from @defligra


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Thanks so much, I found it here. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I tried to find the ColorStore stack but can’t find it. Can you let me know if this is still available?


Is under “Free Stacks”


Thanks so much for the info, Defligra offer lots of free stack. Great work Defligra and peppermint again so many thanks for the info. Cheers

This could be helpful:

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