Weaver's Space Summit FREEBIE

Hi All,

Those who attended this year’s Weaver’s Space Summit may remember that I promised a freebie. Sign-in to the Summit website and head to my talk. You’ll find your gift waiting for you. Just hit the, “I WANT THIS,” button, and you’ll download a shiny new stack.

Color Pro Stack

Create color themes for your RapidWeaver projects. Supply your primary color and get a complete palette. Use the included utility classes to apply your colors anywhere in your project.

If you’re using the Foundation 6 Swatch Pack, you can leverage CSS variables to override your theme styles. This is awesome for setting up project templates. When you change you primary color to match you client’s brand. Your project will update all its colors throughout…everywhere.


There’s an included project file. The stack itself is light on settings. You add a primary color, choose the type of palette that you want, check a box if you want to load utility classes for the palette.

I haven’t created a launch site, but there’s an included project that will give you a sense of how to use the stack and how one color change can change your look everywhere.

If you have the Foundation 6 swatch pack, Color Pro will be awesome for you. If you don’t, that’s okay. The utility classes will work with Foundation 5 and YourHead’s default stacks. I think they will work with Foundry, but I don’t have Foundry. Give it a try. We’ll both be surprised!

:santa:t2::christmas_tree::mrs_claus:t2: Happy Holidays Everyone!

:: Bret


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