Audio clips In Rapidweaver blog

Hi, I am trying to put small audio clips in a standard Rapidweaver blog but I can’t find to way to do it, is there any way I can access the HTML code and add it that way? Or is there maybe a stack that I can use to blog, so I can add an audio stack?

You should be able to place the standard HTML audio code in the built-in blog page. As for stacks, there’s a bunch of players, but they would only work with a stacks page (not the standard blog).

Here is some info on the HTML audio player code:

Where can I edit the HTML code of the blog posts? I want to insert audio clips in different parts of the posts, how can I do that? (sorry I am a total noob).

Try just pasting the code snippet right in with the text just as if you were pasting plain text in.

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