Adding soundfiles to RW6 page

Is there a way of adding small soundfiles to a RW6 page, which can be played directly without causing a separate audio sub-page to open?

This sample uses Boom from DooBox.

There are several free and paid stack elements available that let you embed audio files within a webpage. But these come with the requirement that you already have the Stacks plugin installed. If you are still using RW6, then I suspect you might not have Stacks installed or you may still be using a old version without support for audio stacks.

So your next best option may be to write some HTML code for embedding an audio file:

You could add the MP3 file as an asset or resource in RW6, and link to it within your audio code.

The code to embed an MP3 file is surprisingly simple, even if you’ve never worked with HTML ever before. And the advantage of this method is that it will work on any RapidWeaver page type - not just stacks.

If writing HTML code into a styled text content or sidebar area, you will want to highlight the code with your mouse and set it to ‘ignore formatting’ in the RW6 Format menu. That will ensure the code is properly set within the page and you don’t see big gaps or excessive line breaks.

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Thanks Will, I didn’t think of that…I am very spoiled to stacks.
And most of us live in the world of “Upgrade or Die!!!”
Thanks again for your input.

Thanks Guys.
Actually willwood, I DO have Stacks 3 installed in RW6 but so far I’ve only used it to set up a Contact Form - so how do I go about setting up an embedded audio file using it? Thanks in advance

Take a look at my sample…that is just a bunch of boom stacks in a 3 col layout…I could send you a simple layout if you like.
Just trying to help.

Stacks 3 doesn’t come with any audio / MP3 stacks, so you would need to look at getting a third-party one.

Probably the easiest and cheapest one to start with is Embed:

From there you could upgrade to AudioPlayer if you need something a bit more custom looking:

If you want to convert multiple MP3 links in a webpage to ‘micro players’ then InlinePlayer is a clever one to try:

And if you wanted to go the full audio playlist route, you have stacks like PlayLister:

And there’s probably at least another 20 - 30 audio stacks available elsewhere too, of varying prices, support, and features.

If you do a web search for ‘audio player rapidweaver’ or similar keywords, you will probably find the rest of them.

Typically an audio stack would work like your contact stacks - drag and drop one into a Stacks page, access its settings in the side panel to configure it, preview and publish when done.

Hi Will I’ve tried dropping both Embed and Audioplayer (free demo) into a Stacks page but nothing happens…? Unless I’m doing something wrong - I added a new Stacks page, then went to the Stacks Library in Finder and dragged the plugins from there, dropped them - nada. Is this a Stacks3 problem?

Where are you hosting your MP3 file(s)?

Are you linking to them correctly in the Stack settings?

If you are new to the concept of Stacks and third-party stack elements, then it would be well worth applying the brakes and not proceeding any further down this avenue until you have at least learnt the basics IMO.

Perhaps start on the Yourhead Software / RW Classroom websites and follow some of the free video training tutorials on using Stacks 3 / RW6:

Others on these forums might be able to point you to some additional Stacks 3 / RW6 tutorials as well you could find helpful.

Once you understand the basics of how Stacks works and how to configure the individual stack ‘elements’ you add to a page, then using any audio stacks like Embed or AudioPlayer will be incredibly simple for you.

Thanks Will - and for pointing me towards some Stacks tutorials.
As it happens I figured my problem out - I just needed to restart RW and Embed/Audioplayer appeared in the page, and then everything made sense.
So I played around with Stacks and I can see how it all works.

One thing that’s annoying is that I had already set up several Styled Text pages with various pictures/text etc and wanted to embed soundfiles into those - do I now have to recreate all those pages as Stacks pages?

Some other questions -
1)In the Audioplayer Setup instructions it says ’ 1. Drag and drop a copy of the AudioPlayer stack into the page’. How do I make a ‘copy’ of the stack? I just dragged the AP icon onto the page which worked fine, and then added one of my Resources - but should I have made a ‘copy’?

  1. is it possible to easily change the dimensions of individual columns in eg ‘3 columns’, so that the central column is wider than the other two, for instance?

  2. How do I embed a Paypal button into a Stacks page? I can do it easily enough on a Styled text page but not sure how to add it on a Stacks page…

Thanks for any help.

If is a bit of a nuisance but it will be worth it. Stacks will give you much more flexibly. The (included with stacks) Text stack is Styled text. So you should be ale to copy and past in chunks over to a new stacks page. If you wanted to stay with a styled text page you could make and embed some HTML code(just like you did with the PayPal button), see Will’s first post above.

Now to some of your questions:

  1. When you drag a stack from the library it creates a copy of the stack on the page.
  2. With the included 3 Column stack at the bottom of the settings, there’s a "Layout area. Change the width of the left and Right columns and the remainder ends up in the middle column. There’s also a lot of other stacks that do grid layouts available. That’s the advantage of stacks. 2019-09-24_05-04-08
  3. To embed HTML like a PayPal button you can use an HTML Stack or a Text stack.

Once you have configured any stack to your liking, you can select it in edit mode and then use the normal copy and paste keyboard shortcuts.

CMD + C to copy
CMD + V to paste

The stack will typically paste under whatever stack is currently selected on the page, in edit mode. And this same method can also be used to paste stacks over onto other pages.

You can also do a clone-drag, whereby holding the ALT key down while dragging a stack in edit mode will create a new copy of it.

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