How can I do this in Rapidweaver with Mp3's?

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I have been using Rapidweaver for years but no expert with code etc. (Though I use snippets :slight_smile: I have a large number of MP3 recordings of talks that I want to put online and tag them so folks can search on my Rapidwaever site and pull up and play based on their search example …date, topic keywords etc). Do I need to use another web development tool like Wordpress that might have a plug in for that and then embed into my Rapidweaver site with an Iframe? Anybody have and solutions for a Rapidweaver guy?

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Hi David. I would have thought there are various options you could explore.

  1. Something like a blog would allow you to add tags and categories to make it easy for people to find stuff. Blog plugins like the Poster stack, Joe’s Total CMS and Nick Cates’ GoCMS all have blogs that can be made to look really nice.

  2. You could use a filter stack like Filter or (somewhat confusingly) Filter.

  3. You could use a Search stack like SimpleSearch or Live Search or a plugin like RapidSearchPro.

There may well be other ways of doing it as well/


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