Audio in a loop automatically + randomizer button


I need to have a website with 10 pages. On each page you would have an image as well as a soundfile that should play in a loop. Is that possible in RW?

Other question: I want to have a randomizer button: if you click it, the system will select one of the 10 pages at random and show you that one.

So I’ve been looking at the Stacks and the HTML5 addon looks good for audio: it loops and I can hide the controls. nice enough.
For randomisation: the Randomizer stack looks good but it would imply randomization everytime. I’d rather have 10 different pages and then a stack that chooses randomly from a list of links. That way I can still link directly to a specific page with specific content, rather than being surprised all the time. So: any suggestions for a randomizer for a list of links?

After creating the 10 different pages, why not simply create 10 different text- or button-stacks with the links to the pages and then put these text- or button-stacks inside the Randomizer stack…?


Thanks! I think that is doing the trick. Now I have to get the audio right.

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