Audio in a Slideshow

Hi all!
I’m a old user of the version 5 and I’ve recently upgraded to the version 7.
With the version 5 I was able to add an audio file to a slideshow album (the home page of my web site: but I can’t find the same option in the new version of RW.
Please can someone explain me how to do this in the very simple way?
I bought RW because it is easy and gives me almost whatever I need and I don’t have the time to became an expert.

Thank you so much!

Hi, Daniele,

With each new version of RW, there is more significance attached to stacks and less to built-in page types (like photo album). The reason is there is a whole new world of possibilities within the Stacks realm. When you install Stacks plugin in your copy of RW, you get extra flexibility, hugely expanded design and functionality abilities and hundreds of new elements that you can use in your website production. You are much more likely to find a solution for your needs with Stacks than with just a bare-bones RW application.

All this intro was intended to direct you towards things like StackSlider that gives you the ability to embed just about any kind of content into your slideshows (not just images, but also video, audio, text, graphics and more). Of course, there is more solutions from many different developers.

(Remember: to use individual stacks, you need to first buy and install the latest version of Stacks plugin.)

Could just make your slideshow into a video and then use a video stack.

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Thank you Rob.
It’s the first time I read the word “Stacks”.
It seems that I have to buy Stacks plugin and the to buy StackSlider.
I think it is a great improvement for the ones that build websites as a job, but for me, that I am a musician who use already a certain amount of softwares and have absolutely no time to learn another one, it’s a great problem. I feel quite damaged since I ugraded a software I’ve been using for 9 years and I can find anymore a foundamental function to update my web site.
Realmac software what did you do?

Hi Daniele,
I made a site using the same Magnesium theme you’re using for a client years ago. It was a good fit for his business, but unfortunately Magnesium is not a responsive theme and with the rise of mobile became problematic for iPhones and the like. Because the site still looked OK on desktop, my solution five years ago was to make a mobile directory and republish using Elixir Graphics “Mobi” theme (no longer available) and redirect the iPhones using a simple JavaScript before the closing </head> tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
if (screen.width<=700)

Thank you very much Bob!!

I surrendered to the situation and I downloaded both Stack plugin and StackSlider demo.
I’m not able to add an audio file to the slideshow and I cannot understand how to make the images moving during the slideshow (as it is in my home page).
I think those are very bothering questions for an expert, so please excuse me.

When I gave you my suggestion, I wasn’t aware that you have absolutely no time for learning how to use RW and its add-ons. I am afraid that without investing some of your time for learning, you won’t be able to get results from any kind of software, no matter how simple that software is. RW and its add-ons are not a simple software. Now that I know of your inability to spare time for learning how to use RW, I think that the advice given by @zeebe is the most appropriate (that is, if you know how to make a video out of single images).

You can use YouTube videos and developers’ websites to learn basics, then ask more specific and focused questions on this forum to achieve your goals. In any case, you should do some research before making decisions and purchasing add-ons. This is what most of us do. I mentioned StackSlider as an example of what is available – not as something that will (or will not) work exactly as you want it to.

One more remark. No software application stays the same throughout the time of its development. Some features are added, some are eliminated, some evolve more or less significantly. I wouldn’t blame RealMac Software for trying to improve RW by using newer and better means for achieving a goal.

Thank you very much Rob for your help and your time.
I’d just like to understand how to add an audio file to the slideshow. I followed the instruction but I can’t drag an MP3 on the Stack windows.
I’m afraid it’s not permitted in the demo version.

Daniele, I admit that the StackSlider is not the proper tool for what you try to achieve. I am very sorry that I mislead you. I mentioned it only as an example of what is available for use in tandem with the Stacks plugin, not as the thing to be used for your particular purpose.

As I am now more familiar with your situation, I want to repeat: zeebe’s was the best and possibly the only suggestion you should consider.

Use iMovie (or a similar app) to create your slideshow. You will be able to add a soundtrack that will play, pause and re-start in-synch with images. You will also have a great selection of transitions between images. You can even set the automatic timing of each image synchronized with the length of your soundtrack, or you can fade-out the audio if the track is too long.

Then, after researching possibilities, choose one of the plethora of video stacks for including your video-slideshow in your website. You may want to consider a stack that lets you use a video that is “warehoused” either on your own host’s server, or on servers of YouTube, Vimeo or others – to make your RW project lightweight and performing better.

P.S. As you could see, you should always try first products that let you download and use a trial version, so you can make sure that the product is right for you…