Audio Player with a "no download" option


Is there any Audio Player that prevent’s the possibility of downloading the music. I know in some theme’s there’s a function preventing downloading pictures. Does it really work. Does it exist for audio?
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the playlister by stacks4stacks is great! it really works. and there’s an option to allow users to download or not (according to how u want it).

There is no way to secure any media download without server side handling. You can make it harder to protect them but for a 100%-protection, you need a server that only streams the file and protects it from direct access. And even then, users can always grab the content with a tool (screenshots, …).
In short: if you want to secure your audio files, you should consider choosing a streaming service like soundcloud.

Hi @RWDJ @chris is right - that could be the most secure way

With Audio Stack for example ( there’s an option to add easy to download links so you can share the music, but switching this off hides the URL - but users who want to could look at the source code and see where the audio is located and download the file.

This stack can stream shoutcase ( so that might be another option for streaming :wink:

How important is this feature for you to disable downloads completely in an audio player stack? I think about implementing such an option (where the audio actually is served with PHP) in the smPlayer stack but it isn’t as easy as just copying/pasting/modifying some code.
The easier solution would be to just disable the links, so a user will have to find the url in the source code first. But this is no option for professionals.
Any feedback on this topic would help me decide.