Hey developers: a flexible audioplayer?!

As a singer-songwriter and owner of a little music studio, I want to publish lists of songs on my websites www.tonjenner.nl and www.palmwood.nl They are online now, but I am still not happy with the playlists.
As far as I can see, there is only one Playlister and one audio player. But these players don’t give me all freedom to present the songs in any way I would like. I come upon limitations, with titles and artists and so on. Is there any (multi)audio player that is completely flexible?

If you go to https://stacks4stacks.com/ and filter the stacks there by ‘audio’ you’ll find quite a few players there.

Alternatively, you could use the Soundcloud service and embed their player on your site.


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Hi Rob, thanks,
I have used Playlister and Audioplayer in my sites. Have a look at the results.

The AudioPlayer within a stack like Simple Tabs looks good; but the tabs don’t give me enough space to have both the artist and the song title, especially when there are more songs (10 or so). It becomes too crowded, f.i. on small screens.
Playlister is the best option for now, I think; but here I can’t have both the artist and the song title in the list. If I do, then they come together on one line in the player, which will be abbreviated when they are too long, and on small screens too.
What I want is an extended Playlister, with more freedom (so more editable parameters) to place text on both the player and the list. Would that be possible? I would love to pay for it!
I have looked at the other audio players at S4S, but none could do what I want.

stacks4stacks does custom work as well, if you pay for it. Just e-mail him :slight_smile:

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What about putting your current player stack inside something like this - https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/index-cards/ - or even this - https://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/feature-slider/

Looks as though you can then add text and images to each card/slide to suit.


Not sure if this stack is what you are looking for, weavium’s stack view more has a good demo using album art, title, artist name, video and lyrics.


Scroll down to music examples

Thanks Rob,
I have used index cards indeed and it’s beautiful; however, this won’t give me a list with songs to choose from. Same holds for feature slider (which is also marvelous).

Thank you Rolisize,
That’s an amazing stack, very beautiful! It maybe takes a bit too much space for a list of more than 4 songs, because every song will use it’s own space. But it is very nice to use for presentation of one or two new songs, so I will buy this one for that use :smiley::+1:
That reminds me of me not knowing all the companies where I can buy great addons and stacks for RW. I know some (1LD, S4S, BigWhiteDuck, Axion) but obviously not all the others. Has someone made a useful list?

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Looks like the site is built with Foundation 6. That correct? The original Foundation had a nice vertical tab stack. Maybe that would work. Each tab down the left hand side could contain the title of the song and when clicked reveal the content in the right hand panel?

Yes I use F6. But I think the old Foundation stacks are also there. I will look for that tab stack.

Foundation 1 stacks shouldn’t be used(and don’t come with) F6. There is a Vertical Tabs Template that should give you the modal to build what you want.

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