VideoPlayer 2 released

VideoPlayer offers you a quick and simple method towards getting your own (self-hosted) video files embedded effortlessly within your RapidWeaver project; inside a gorgeous and highly customisable player interface. An ideal stack to use if you need something more sophisticated than LitePlayer, but something not quite as advanced as Player.

VideoPlayer displays a retina display-optimised controller. You can choose which buttons to display and customise both their size and colour. There are no preset ‘skins’ in this stack, so you have a lot more creative freedom to build a video player that matches your RapidWeaver theme or corporate branding. VideoPlayer works with all ThemeFlood RapidWeaver themes and most other HTML5 themes.

Setup of VideoPlayer is incredibly simple. Open your Stacks library and drag-and-drop a VideoPlayer stack into your Stacks 3 page. In the stack settings, configure the links to your static poster image, MP4 and WebM files. Customise any other style or behaviour settings as required.

Published VideoPlayer stacks work reliably with all major web browsers, including IE10+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari. On iOS devices, the player controls automatically revert to the default iOS media controls. On screens less-than 568px wide, the volume and fullscreen buttons are hidden to create more space. As a bonus, VideoPlayer is optimised for Android devices, and displays the option to ChromeCast the video directly onto a smart TV nearby.

VideoPlayer supersedes the older Playr / VideoPlayr stacks and is a free update for all existing users. Details about obtaining this update can be found on the VideoPlayer page. If you are new to VideoPlayer, please download the FREE demo version to test in RapidWeaver. All setup information for the stack can be found on the VideoPlayer webpage.