Authorize Net Integration with RapidWeaver

@YuzoolSupport @yuzool (can this option be added to Checkout2 and Cart3)?

Hi Experts!

Currently, I am using Booking and Checkout2 and Cart3 “Yuzool” for a client of mine, as we know with Checkout2 and Cart3 I can only integrate PayPal and Stripe. My client deals with Authorize Net (processing payment), is there a way or a stack I can use to integrate Authorize Net with RapidWeaver for payment collection. Ps. I am using Foundry with the above. Your input is highly appreciated.

Dear Monica,

We haven’t had a lot of requests concerning adding, but we can consider doing this if there are more like yourself interested in adding it. We are developing new stacks currently and are open to enhancing our existing stacks as well. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

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@YuzoolSupport Thank you for your email! I will answer here also.

I am using both Checkout2 with Booking Stack and Cart3 for a straight forward payment across the website. Both are important. Looking forward to the enhancement as it is really needed!.. Appreciated.

Noted. Will add to our list of requested enhancements. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

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