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I’m using RW7, and use GoDaddy as my host provider. Now that that’s out of the way, does anyone know of a Paypal shopping cart stack or plugin that doesn’t take the customer away from my website? I am currently using Yuzool Cart 2 stack. I set up Stripe (within the stack, and on the Stripe website), which I know doesn’t redirect customers away, but I got an email from them saying that they would not accept my business at this time. Not sure what that’s about, but in any case, I’m stuck with Paypal. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Sorry to hear that @gabalonia regarding Stripe. Their support is really helpful so I’m sure if you emailed them they would assist with reasons / why and what you can do to get verified.

After register:

Usually the steps are as easy as the following info:

But if they won’t accept for some reason then the PayPal integration in Cart2 does require moving to the PayPal site to complete the transaction as it doesn’t work on PayPal Payments Pro (which requires a monthly fee) but can do that.

We integrate with PayPal Express Checkout, just a standard (free) PayPal Personal or Business account is needed.

Hope you can get set up and running.

Thanks Michael,

I will dig deeper on the Stripe issue.

As for PayPal and Cart2, I’m a little unclear with what you wrote.

So PayPal Payments Pro does, or does not work with Cart2? You also mentioned PayPal Express Checkout. Is that integrated into Cart2? Is there a way to integrate PayPal Express into my RW website? The complaint that I received is that there were way too many steps, and that the steps weren’t “intuitive”. If I can get PayPal Express Checkout integrated into my website, that (at least) would compress the checkout experience.

Still hoping that there’s a shopping cart out there that keeps customers on my website while choosing Paypal.

Maybe I’m overcomplicating this…

With Cart2 for the PayPal options:

1.You sign up for PayPal (personal or business account)
2. You add your PayPal email address to the Cart2 settings
3. Publish and take money for sales

PayPal has many products so it’s confusing. But yes PayPal Express is what we are talking about.
The user completes checkout on the PayPal page. It’s pretty standard and not too confusing as they charge $$$ per day across their merchant sites.

Sounds like you might be worrying too much about it and I would recommend starting the project and seeing how it goes after that :slight_smile:

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Cartloom does allow for complete checkout, using Paypal, where the visitor never leaves the page. It’s a Cartloom addon called Lightbox Checkout.

Cartloom offers a free 14-day trial, and integrates not only with RapidWeaver, but with Wordpress, or any web building platform out there.

Here’s a video on Cartloom / RapidWeaver integration:

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Thanks.

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