Paypal Express Checkout Integration (in RW7) for dummies

Does anyone know if there’s a tutorial for integrating Paypal Express Checkout in RW for dummies?

To be clear, I don’t know code or anything about web development. I’m more of a drag and drop kind of girl. I attempted to do the PayPal express checkout integration myself, and got as far as copying and pasting the HTML code for the PayPal button on to my RW file. The next page was absolute greek to me, although I’m sure it makes complete sense to anyone who creates stacks or themes for RW.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi, Gabrielle,

Have you read this page of instructions? It seems pretty straightforward (disclaimer: I have not tried it myself).

If that doesn’t help, I’m sure there is somebody on this forum who is familiar with the procedure…


Thanks Rovertek, I appreciate the support. I will give this another shot, and report back if I’m still stumped.

I gave this another shot, but I’m still completely stumped!! Ok, I did get a little bit farther, but by only a teeny, tiny increment. :frowning:

If anyone on this forum (deems to take pity on me, and) knows how to do this integration (preferably with Cart 2), and would be willing to walk me through each step, I would be incredibly grateful!!


Not sure what sort of problem you’re having, but with Cart 2 you just put your Paypal ID (which is your email address associated with your account) in the Paypal ID field in the Item Stack. There is no coding required. Cart 2 creates the buttons for you - Paypal buttons are not used or needed. Your Paypal account must be able to accept payments - I think they call it a business account, which is free, but you have to upgrade a standard account to a biz account to accept payments.

Perhaps if you could describe your problems more specifically we could figure out where the problem lies?

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Hi David,

Thanks for the response.

I already have PayPal set up within the Cart 2 stack. No issues there at all. It works great, but the customer is taken away from the website and lands on the PayPal website. Once there, they have to fill out a ton of info (billing and shipping info, payment methods, etc.), and none of it is saved.

What I’d like to do is integrate PayPal Express Checkout so that the customer will stay on the website, and have an abbreviated shopping experience. The PayPal Express Checkout integration is (not surprisingly) written for web developers, not for lay-people like me.

Thanks! Still hoping someone can help me.

As i understand it, you need Paypal Pro (a paid upgrade, maybe subscription?) to have the transactions done on your page, rather than the transaction on the Paypal page. Afaik Cart 2 will only work with Paypal Express, and I believe all the Paypal stack options use Paypal Express. @yuzool Michael has mentioned this another thread. Maybe I can find it.

I’ve read here on the Forum that Stripe lets you have the checkout on your own page.

[edit - found the thread:]

Apparently this was in answer to your post:

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For whatever reason, Stripe did not approve of the website. It’s actually my sister’s business. She is supposed to be following up to see if they will reconsider. Here’s the website:

In any case, (right now) PayPal is all we have to work with. I did get the response from Michael about our Stripe situation, and his further suggestion. If you read it through, he says the following:

“But if they won’t accept for some reason then the PayPal integration in Cart2 does require moving to the PayPal site to complete the transaction as it doesn’t work on PayPal Payments Pro (which requires a monthly fee) but can do that. We integrate with PayPal Express Checkout, just a standard (free) PayPal Personal or Business account is needed.”

I’m looking for specific help with integrating PayPal Express Checkout on an RW7 website using Cart 2. Our site is already set up with a regular (free/standard) PayPal business account. Not PayPal Payments Pro. Hope that clears it up.

I think you misunderstood Michael’s answer. The integration with Paypal express checkout is what Cart 2 uses, and Paypal express checkout requires the transaction to move to the Paypal site, as opposed to Paypal Payments Pro, which is not integrated into Cart 2 or any other RW Paypal stack that I’m aware of. Would be good to know if there is one, but I suspect not as Stripe does not require a subscription, so it’s more attractive for most users. :

But if they won’t accept for some reason then the PayPal integration in Cart2 does require moving to the PayPal site to complete the transaction as it doesn’t work on PayPal Payments Pro (which requires a monthly fee) but can do that.

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