RapidCart Pro comments

@Django Hi David, if I remember well I saw a review of you on RapidCart Pro. Would be great to hear more about it… your opinion on RapidCart Pro. I’m working on a web store (e-commerce) project and looking to do it with Foundation + RapidCart Pro advanced or with Foundry + RapidCart Pro advanced. Will need to have integration of all payment methods, wonder if this could be done with RapidCart Pro or will need some other stacks/ plugins to do so.

Looking forwards on your recommendation and comments on RapidCart Pro…
Thanks so much :+1:

Hi Konstantijn,

I am really not the person to ask even though I use it and have been very satisfied. My experience with this kind of program or programs in general is not very good. The only thing I can say is that when I had some start up problems the two Italians fellows that wrote it were super good in helping me down to the last detail. That for me is worthy of an excellent recommendation. So far it is continuing to work well. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Ciao for now, David

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Ok @Django thanks so much for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi Tino

there are many people who learned RCP, I am trying.
Paypal, Stripe and Direct Order are very easy to setup, are you thinking about other methods?
Those are the ones I (MAYBE) can help you with