Automatic lightboxes alternative approaches

One of the nice features of PlusKit from Yourhead is to add lightbox effects to all the images in your entire site with one click. This increases productivity, and you don’t have to worry about it. However, after consideration, I would like to be less dependent of PlusKit for this functionality for new sites while YourHead is making the product great again for RW7.x.

Are there any other options that do this without PlusKit, or thoughts on how to accomplish this?

Yes. Check out Will’s wonderful and free Litebox stack:


Yes, but even @Isaiah advises against using all secondary features (those that are not dealing with @import) – for better compatibility and performance. This may change in the future, with the new version of PlusKit.

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Thanks for the responses, hope YourHead will pull it off as it is a very handy concept in blogs (where stacks unfortunately do not add value).