Eight stacks to build beautiful image galleries

Today I introduce eight stacks that, on their own or combined, make it possible to build awesome images galleries – or enhance your existing Photo Album pages.

LightboxPlus Stacks
The PA/Lightbox Stacks are among the most successful stacks I ever developed. For those who do not know them: these six stacks turn your new or existing boring standard Photo Album pages into awesome lightbox galleries. These stacks have been around quite some time now (since November 2013) and, aside from small updates, have never really changed. Until today, that is.

Today I introduce their successors: the LightboxPlus Stacks. I have not only rewritten these stacks from scratch using the latest versions of the jQuery plugins, I also added a ton of new options to make the lightboxes match with the looks of the rest of your site.

But there’s more. The new LightboxPlus Stacks now integrate seamlessly with two other new stacks I introduce today:

Photo Album Beautifier Stack
The Photo Album Beautifier Stack allows you to style the built in Photo Album page, far beyond the possibilities of the theme you’re using. The Photo Album Beautifier Stack works great on its own, but also works together seamlessly with the LightboxPlus stacks to turn a standard Photo Album page into a beautiful, responsive lightbox gallery.

CollagePlus Stack
The CollagePlus Stack makes it possible to build responsive galleries for images with stacks only, even if the images do not all have the same proportions. So, if you want to use different sized images in your galleries, you’re no longer bound to square thumbnails.

This stack works together seamlessly with the LightboxPlus Stacks to create awesome image galleries, but also works great on its own, e.g. for a portfolio.

If you ever use image galleries on your site, do check out the product pages with all demos to see the possibilities of these stack:
LightboxPlus Stacks product page
Photo Album Beautifier Stack product page
CollagePlus Stack product page

Special offers
On these pages, you will also find some special offers:
Buy all 6 LightboxPlus stacks and save 25%.
Buy all 6 LightboxPlus Stacks, the CollagePlus Stack and the Photo Album Beautifier Stack and save 33%.

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PS Those of you who bought one or more PA/Lightbox stacks after December 31, 2015 will receive a download link to a free copy of the successor(s) of the PA/Lightbox stack(s) they bought within the next 24 hours.