Automatic Notification

I run a site for a club. The purpose of the site is to keep the members updated on future planned activities, keep a Members List updated, Photo Gallery, etc etc. Most members are at age and by no means regular internet surfers so they might easily miss changes I make to the site. When I tell them that they have to check in a bit more regularly they suggest that I notify them of the changes. Can any of you suggest a way whereby a change to any of the pages’ content is automatically sent to the group of members (by email for instance) notifying them of the of such change?

I couldn’t think of anything. You could use a newsletter/email service like MailChimp, but you would have to “create the mailing” when you changed something.

You could use an automated RSS feed reader with email delivery:

Poster Stack (or other tools) could generate the RSS feed for you:


Thanks very much but don’t think this is. what I was looking for.

Thank you. Looks a bit complicated but will study and see how it works.

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