Blog Post Notification Stack?

Howdy Everyone- I’ll try to ask this as best as I can (hard to explain)-

Does anyone know of a way to put a notification on a web page with the latest blog posts from a built-in RW blog page?

For example: Say I have a 3 column stack. It would be great to have one of those columns list the title and a brief summary of the latest blog post (almost like a summary tile).

Maybe in the end the easiest thing to do is just have a text stack and just type in the date, title, and a brief summary each time I do a blog update. But, thought it would be great to have it automagically do this for me.


If your blog has an RSS feed, you could use some RSS stack that pulls in headlines and summaries, including dates. Just drop the RSS stack in one of your columns and set it to show one post. It updates automatically. Currently there is a problem with some RSS stacks because Google has discontinued their API but some work. I’m using RSS List JS by Joe Workman. I used MonsterRSS previously but that has stopped working.


Hey- That’s not a bad idea. Should have thought of the RSS route. I’ll play around and see what happens. Thanks for the tip!

Just be wary that some RSS stacks are no longer working as they used the Google API. There is a recent discussion about this on the forum RSS Factory and other news feeds not working - help! – it gives some idea which work and which don’t.

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