TotalCMS Blog - How can people follow a blog

We have a blog running in TotalCMS.

Can people be informed when a new post is added? Do I have to cut and paste the post into an email? (hope not).


RSS feed? That’s how most do it

I found this tutorial:, but it seems old and /or at cross purpose to a blog. Are there other methods? Can someone sign up to receive blog posts? Can the posts be sent out from the site? ie through email. Thanks

That video is for the news feed, that’s a whole different beast.

I know of no way to “automatically” email a blog post notification although I could see how it could be done if you have a subscriber system set up.

Just an FYI in case you don’t know this:
If you hover over the newspaper icon in your admin page blog list and click on the little link icon, you will get a pop up that shows all the path information for the post. including the RSS path

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@swilliam is on a roll today! Thanks Scott.

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IFTTT can do it for free, if you just want to do it for a few feeds for your own use.

Mail Chimp can do it as a service, if you want a big list of people to all get mailed every time you write a new blog post.

At one time I had a system set up where I could post to my blog and IFTTT would send that on to can then post a blurb and link to Facebook, Twitter, and I think they even do Instagram now.

There are a bajillion other services that offer various and sundry features. Shop around.


Well you just opened my eyes to yet another world to be explored. Thanks Isaiah - I think :wink:

I have a built a client website. When the client posts a blog post, she wants that people who have somehow subscribed, will be notified straight away. Seems simple enough.

The best I’ve gotten to so far, is that the client has to send a message to her distribution list, attaching the post link from the blog.

This has some advantage in that she could maintain various distro lists and notify of new posts selectively.

It just seems that this would be a good candidate for automation.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestions.


I would highly recommend those services that create a mailing list from the subscribers. It’s very low effort if the client is already blogging. And at the end of the day you’ll have a great mailing list of people that really are interested in what your client has to say or sell.

I know email is “old” but in my experience it is far and away the best tool for reaching out an audience that has opted in.

Ok… The poor man’s solution to this for now:

Write a post.
Get the post link
Write email to selected audience quoting the link.

Thanks everyone. I agree with Isaiah, regarding email. It remains my preferred communication for these types of things. I like messages too for smaller distributions.

I find “social media” to be quite anti-social. YMMV.

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