Membership site updateable by each member

Hi All,

I am looking to quote for a site for a prospective client. They require a site which can provide information to local authorities of their members in a given area that can provide services for them. It would work like this:

Local authority vists a page with 9 geographical areas and a list of members in each area. Each one then is clickable through to the members own page which has details of the services provided/contacts etc. etc.

All fairly straightforward so far, but…

This is where it gets a little more complicated: The organisation needs a site where every member can update their own page within their membership area so when the local authority visit, they always see up to date information.

I have built a few membership sites with sitelok and armadillo but never one that requires this functionality. There is a total of around 200 members.

Has anyone else built this kind of site and if so, what tools did you use? Any help here would be gratefully received - thank you!

I think you can do this with SiteLok but not 100% sure. Why not ask @vibralogix directly?

Thanks Matthew, yes I have also sent a message to Adrian but I was wondering if anyone else had done something similar. I have combined sitelok and armadillo before but I wasn’t sure it was the best solution for 200+ users.

I think this should be possible using Sitelok and the Messaging & Profile page plugin. I noticed your support email come in so I will get some more details from you.

You can do this with total CMS/blog, pagesafe and a separate admin section. This site whist not 200 lets each member maintain their own page and add general content.

Thanks Guy, I thought about total CMS/page safe but budget-wise Sitelok fits the bill better on this occasion and I am resonably familiar with it. Adrian, helpful as ever, has confirmed that it will work. The clients requirements have changed several times in the last week or so but finally I think we have found something.

Love the site by the way! For future reference, how much of that is editable in Total CMS?

Pretty much all it. It was built for the client to be independent although some text was added ie for the listings site announcement although there is no reason why it couldn’t be added with Joes total CMS

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