Automatic Page Creation with Air Publisher


I would like to create a website and populate its content using data I have in Airtable.

I am considering purchasing RapidWeaver and using Air Publisher by @timdietrich for this. I’ve been playing with the trial version of RapidWeaver and have a question on Air Publisher before I jump in.

My Airtable database has two tables:

  1. People
  2. People Attributes

I can easily create a list page containing all of the People in my first table with Air Publisher. So far so good.

Is it possible to have Air Publisher automatically create a webpage for each Person in the list page, populated with the same Airtable data and a link to these pages from the People list page? Removing the need to manually create pages and links would save a huge amount of time (and probably errors).


The AirPublisher Stack has a downside: it’s (currently) not supporting links / retrieval to individual records. I have a modified version that has a third stack added that allows to link from a link to a details page which is dynamically populated with the data from the record.

Here’s a example based on the official AirPublisher stack tutorial “Furniture”:

However, I am not sure about the People Attributes tables, I would - if possible - merge the data into the main People table.

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