New Stack Suite: Airtable Publisher, updated to v1.1

Turn Airtable data into beautiful dynamic websites

Inspired by the (great, but somewhat limited) AirPublisher stack, I’ve created Airtable Publisher, a suite of stacks to use Airtable data for database publishing with RapidWeaver.

The stack and the documentation is currently in early beta and the underlaying API layer is about to change soon for a better integration with Airtable.

The stacks have been created for my own projects and needs, to finalize and release them as full stack / product, I am looking for some Weavers to play around and give some feedback on features needed to complete the development.

:globe_with_meridians: Airtable Publisher Beta Download and Documentation.

To demonstrate the stacks and some of its possibilities like filtering, searching, detail views, tags, categories and many more, I’ve created simple a demo furniture web shop utilizing some of Airtables’ demo data:

Demo shop “Fyle, Furniture with Style”:

It uses @yabdab’s paysnap Stack and a Stripe payment demo integration. For a full round trip test, use the card number 4242 4242 4242 4242, expiry date 01/23 and CCV 123.

Have fun,


Looks sick bro, good job! :raised_hands:

Thanks, mate. And many thanks for your support with the shopping cart images

Hi Heiko,

this looks awesome. Very interested in the final version.


What’s that expression? Shut up and take my money! :grin: Been waiting for an airtable stack for quite a while… Surface everything at this stage via shared views and an html stack

Check out the beta version. It’s already powerful and useable - I am using it for a while now in a couple of projects.

Thanks Hans. Currently collecting a bit of feedback for some features for the final version.

is your stack an extended version of @timdietrich ‘s Airtable stack?

It was, I also mention this in the original post and documentation and credited him.

After adding more and more features and new stacks, I ended up creating a new version.


Ah yes I see, I must have read over it.
Wonderful news, I most certainly will check out the beta. Thanks.

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Probably means slick.

I suspect @yabdab actually meant sick —


As a German living in Gibraltar, it’s both common for me :slight_smile:

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Great job!

@dripple I’ve added a link from Air Publisher to your stack.

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@Elixir :call_me_hand:

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Nice! :+1:

Thank you very much. :blush:

Hi Hieko, I was expecting to see in the pagination stack a way to set the limit for the number of records to be displayed on a page so that next/previous can be used. How do I do this? Thanks JB

Hi John, the page size is directly bound to the request to Airtable - that’s how Airtable implemented it on their end. So it’s even paged if you don’t use the pagination stack.

So at the moment you have to configure the page size in the ATP Result Set stack:
CleanShot 2021-09-07 at 09.36.56

Hope this helps,


Hi Heiko, Thank you, I kind of new there would be a simple answer just couldn’t find it for myself! JB